Michal J Wallace

Software Developer Extraordinaire



  • Mastery of object oriented analysis and development, modeling, and design patterns.
  • Strong supporter of agile practices: refactoring, unit testing, pair programming, etc.
  • Over two decades of web/intranet development, using a wide range of enterprise
    architectures and technologies.
  • Strong database and data modeling skills, both SQL and NoSQL.

Technical Skills

  • Python: My language of choice for almost 20 years.
  • Web Technologies: javascript, typescript, jQuery, VueJS, Angular, XML, CSS, etc.
  • LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (especially. Wordpress, Drupal, and Yii framework)
  • Others: I love exploring new programming languages. If you can think of it, I've probably used it.


Senior Software Development Engineer

05/2016-Present : 1010data (New York City)

  • Build web UI and components using K3, JS, and Typescript
    with Kendo, jQuery, and VueJS.
  • Build applications using our in-house query / app development language.
  • Lead development of RESTlike API and clients in python and NodeJS.

Small Business Owner / Freelance Developer

04/2001-05/2016 : Sabren Enterprises, Inc.

  • Business Management - including all aspects of
    planning, building, and maintaining a small web hosting company.
  • Process Automation - developed various python scripts to manage
    multiple servers and automate day-to-day running of the business, including
    an automated billing system and user control panel.
  • Freelance work

01/2016-05/2016 : Balfour Publishing (Dallas, TX)

  • Python/Angular
    Worked on a desktop publishing application for yearbooks
    in Flask and AngularJS.

11/2008-03/2009 : American Program Bureau

  • Drupal/Amazon S3 - built and maintained a drupal 5 + flash
    video site at apbspeakers.com

01/2008-11/2008 : Stompernet LLC (Atlanta, GA)

  • Drupal - built various Drupal/PHP sites.
  • Manager - integrated two separate development teams;
    introduced version control, proper bug tracking and other
    best practices; worked to improve communication between dev and the
    non-technical upper management.

8/2001-11/2001 : MediaOcean (Atlanta, GA)

  • Java/XSLT - worked with an XP (eXtreme Programming) team to
    build a web-based negotiation tool for TV advertising sales. Later designed
    and implemented a messaging system for communication between the EJB
    server and a DHTML-based front-end. This let javascript developers
    work directly with business objects written in java.

08/1999-8/2001 : Zike Interactive, Inc (Norcross, GA)

  • eCommerce/Python: Designed and built 3-tier, OO web
    storefront system in Python. Supports secure credit card processing
    and integration with shipping companies.
  • Python/XML: Created XML-based reporting language/code generator.
    Allows reporting on complex data structures such as relational
    databases or XML.
  • Java: Prototyped online publishing system using JSP/EJB
    architecture. Developed standards for future J2EE applications using
    JBoss, Tomcat, and Struts.


01/1998-04/2001 : Abel Solutions, Inc (Roswell, GA)

  • System Development: Acted as lead developer to build and
    maintain web/intranet applications. Used a wide variety of
    technologies, including: SQL Server, ASP, Perl, Java, XML/XSLT,
    Javascript, Python, Visual Basic, Excel, Crystal Reports, and MS
    Access. (Primary Development environment was ASP+COM+SQL Server.)
  • Business Needs Analysis: Interviewed corporate and
    government clients to collect system requirements. Wrote use cases
    and formal business specifications.
  • Architecture Design: Analyzed business requirements and
    translated into technical specifications, including object model,
    database design, and UI prototypes.
  • Library/Framework Design: Built and maintained generic
    VBScript libraries for web-based authentication, working with data
    objects, and processing complex forms using a model-view-controller
    design pattern.
  • Data Migration: Analyzed and implemented large-scale data
    migration solutions when replacing legacy systems. Often
    consolidated multiple, unnormalized data sources. Worked closely
    with data owners to verify, correct, and reclassify data.
  • Quality Assurance: Worked with other developers to
    construct test plans for manual and automated software
    testing. Defined and filled LA Analyst role, involving a story-based
    approach throughout the development life cycle.
  • Mentoring: Interviewed potential hires, conducted code
    reviews, mentored other developers in new technologies. Lead classes
    on topics such as XML/XSLT, unit testing, refactoring, and


08/1997-12/1997 : Nuesoft Technologies (Atlanta, GA)

  • Training - Traveled around the country, training end
    users in medical practice management software.
  • Report Creation - Developed interactive, customizable
    reports using Crystal Reports and Visual Basic.

Quality Assurance Team Member

Summer 1996 : USPA&IRA (now First Command) (Fort Worth, TX)

  • Automated Software Testing - Built and managed an
    automated regression test environment for a large-scale client
    management system using Microsoft Access and Visual Test.